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Burn This
by Lanford Wilson

Directed by Tony Lea

august 3rd - august 19th, 2018

Set in the bohemian art world of downtown New York, this vivid and challenging drama explores the spiritual and emotional isolation of Anna and Pale, two outcasts who meet in the wake of the accidental death by drowning of a mutual friend.

Their determined struggle toward emotional honesty and liberation--by no means guaranteed at the play's ambiguous end--exemplifies the strength, humor, and complexity of all of Lanford Wilson's work and confirms his standing as one of America's greatest living playwrights.

The Cast:

  • Danielle Koppel as ANNA
  • Dan Wilson as PALE
  • Jonathan King as BURTON
  • David Ring as LARRY
For Mature Audiences - Recommended for Ages 16 and up

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Dry Powder
by Sarah Burgess

Directed by mark filiaci

May 11th - may 27th, 2018

This gripping new dark comedy delves into the world of those who have the power to manipulate the American economy. Rick, a private equity firm president creates a PR nightmare when he throws himself an extravagant engagement party after forcing massive layoffs at his company.

Seth, one of Rick’s managing directors desperately attempts to rectify the situation by pursuing a luggage company ready to be taken to the next level. But Jenny, Seth’s ice-cold colleague at the firm, suggests a countermove that spells disaster for the “little guy.” Sarah Burgess’ engrossing play opens a window into the high-stakes world of high finance. It’s play or be played.

The Cast:

  • Dan Oliver as RICK
  • Allan Maule as JEFF
  • Chris Hinton as SETH
  • Michelle Murray Wells as JENNY