With a deep commitment to meaningful storytelling, Sonorous Road Repertory Company creates artistic experiences that resonate with audiences, invigorate artists, and grapple with today’s issues. 

Statement of Purpose

We seek to keep a pulse on new plays and unique voices in order to bring their work to the Triangle, and by doing so, grow new and diverse audiences who feel that theatre speaks to who they are and the issues they care about. We strive to advocate for theatre as an indispensable cultural force that can bring clarity and nuance to the public dialogue.

We seek to exist as fertile ground for theatrical artists to challenge themselves and grow their craft. We strive to create an atmosphere that cultivates local talent as well as challenges us to look beyond the adjacent realm to new voices and experiences.  We support the Triangle’s artists and audiences as they expand the boundaries of the current sense of artistry through professional development programs and by presentation of stagings and readings of established and emerging writers.

We believe theatre can and should ask thought provoking questions that contribute to positive public dialogue and eventual change toward a freer, more open community. These presentations can provide a positive environment for the intelligent, honest exchange of ideas while dealing with the realities of those who live in the greater Triangle area.  We believe that by grappling with the issues of today we can secure a more thoughtful, caring future for ourselves and the next generation.